Roasted Sea Bass £11.95
Whole sea bass marinated in turmeric, lemon juice, garlic then charcoal grilled. Served on a sauce of onion, lime juice, tomato &roasted chillies. A feast fit for a king. Served with special fried rice
Tangari King Prawn £12.95
Whole King Prawn sliced then marinated grilled in the tandoori cooked with diced red peppers in a tangy sauce garnished with fresh crispy onion & chopped coriander
Rupchanda Fish £12.95
Bangladeshi fish cooked with garlic, fried onion. Served with special fried rice
Jhinga Jol £10.95
A dry combination of king prawns, tomatoes, onions & spices
Served in a hot sizzling khorai
Jhinga Palak £10.95
King prawns cooked with fresh spinach, a superb combination of flavours
Kharai Jhinga £10.95
King prawns first marinated, cooked in the tandoori then served in a
medium spicy sauce with onions & green peppers
Jhinga Jalfrezi £10.95
Delicious king prawns cooked in a terrifically hot sauce of green chillies
turmeric, garlic & ginger
Chingri Bhuna £8.95
A dry combination of prawns, onions, tomatoes & spices
Chingri Jalfrezi £9.95
Delicious prawns cooked in a terrifically hot sauce of green chillies, tumeric, garlic & ginger