Chef’s Specials


Our chef’s special selection comprises a range of curries which you may have tried before Each dish is prepared in our particular way for that special flavour unique to Cinnamon Tree.

Cinnamon Tree Special £11.95
Tender pieces of chicken stuffed with spiced vegetables & cooked in a special medium spiced sauce, with an exquisite home cooked flavour
Hatkora Chicken or Lamb Massala £7.95
Pieces of chicken or lamb cooked in herbs & spices.Served with a rich spicy hatkara (wild lemon) sauce
Karahi Kebab Khyberi £7.95
Chicken cooked in khyberi spices with tomatoes & capsicum
Garlic Chicken £7.95
Chicken tikka cooked in a garlic sauce
Butter Chicken £7.95
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in butter flavoured with our special selection of mild spices
Murgi Massala £7.95
Spring chicken cooked with almonds, mild spiced mince meat. Served with pilau rice
King Prawn Moglai (medium dry) £10.95
King prawn specially cooked in spices, onions, tomatoes & green peppers.Served with egg
Chicken Jalali £7.95
Chicken tikka cooked in the clay oven, served with almonds, coconut & cream
Bombay Chicken £7.95
Served with boiled egg
Chicken Bangla £7.95
Chicken marinated in a selection of herbs and spices Served with a fresh cream sauce with a subtle hint of coconut
Chicken Mirch Massala £7.95
Tender chicken cooked in the tandoori then finished with a blend of chillies & garlic
Chicken Tikka Makhani £7.95
Tender small pieces of chicken cooked with medium spices, green peppers, chopped onions & tomatoes
Batak Special (spicy hot) £10.95
Tender pieces of boneless duck marinated & cooked in our home made sauce
Waalchi Jalfrezi (hot) £10.95
King prawns from the tandoori oven then cooked in a spicy hot jalfrezi sauce
Batak Tikka Jalfrezi (hot) £10.95
An exceptional and spicy combination of diced lean duck in a sauce of garlic, ginger & fresh green chillies
Lamb Tikka Makhani £7.95
Succulent slices of lamb cooked with medium spices, green peppers,chopped onion & tomatoes